Engine Fuel

Managers of fleets on and off-road turn to propane-fueled equipment because it can help lower overall operating costs; offers safe and reliable application operation; and provides companies and their customers with a sustainable, environmentally responsible solution. A variety of refueling options give users access to a safe, readily available propane supply.

Propane-powered S2G bobtail

High Performing On-Road Vehicles

Bobtail and crane trucks have now joined, vans, shuttles, and buses in using the nation’s third most-common engine fuel, provide fleets with equivalent horsepower, torque, and towing capacity compared with conventionally fueled models. Vehicles can be refueled via on- and off-site infrastructure. Federal and state incentives and tax credits are available for on-site infrastructure installation and fuel costs.

Engine Fuel Innovation Mower

Versatile Off-Road Applications

Propane-fueled commercial lawn mowers, forklifts, and ground service equipment meet strict federal and state emissions standards, and provide cost savings through fuel delivery and reduced maintenance costs. These applications refuel safely and quickly and provide consistent, high-performance throughout operation.