Power For Your American Dream

Building your own house is a big part of the American dream. When you include propane in those plans, you can transform a house into a home you'll love for years to come. Many of a home's major systems perform better with gas energy, so you'll not only enjoy greater comfort, you'll see lower energy bills, too.

Reliable Comfort

When it comes to your family's comfort, propane outperforms other energy sources hands down.

Better Savings

High-efficiency propane appliances can save you hundreds in annual energy costs.

Sustainable Living

Propane is not only a clean-air fuel, it keeps working when the electricity goes out.

Deluxe Appliances

Propane can power the kind of high-end, high-performance appliances you want for your home.

Propane Products for Your Home

How to Get Started With Propane

Learn About Propane's Benefits

When you’re building a new home, there are so many reasons to include propane in your plans. This site is a great place to learn about all the ways propane can give your family the comfort they deserve, and the efficiency you’re looking for.

Explore Your Appliance Options

Don’t stop with just a propane water heater or furnace. Once you’ve included propane for one appliance, it’s easy to add propane kitchen appliances, clothes dryers, fireplaces, backup power, and more. Nearly any gas appliance can be converted to run on propane. And when you include more propane appliances in your plans, you can count on outstanding performance and even greater energy efficiency.

Work With Your Propane Supplier

Enter your zip code to find a residential propane supplier in your area. Your local propane supplier will be happy to answer questions about propane tank placement (including above-ground or underground installation), fuel delivery options, and more. You can also find local suppliers by searching Google’s business listings.

Install Your Appliances and Enjoy

Your builder can work hand in hand with your propane supplier to ensure proper installation of your propane appliances. And don’t worry about propane holding up your project. In many cases, using propane can speed things up, because you’re not at the mercy of public utilities for connections to the grid.

Enter your zip code to find a propane supplier